Welcome to my web site!

welcome to my website, an online home for all of the things that I really like to do, and all of the friends ive met along the way. On your right, you can find an index in order to navigate through the site.
I hope that you enjoy reading my website.


4/6/2021 - 3 - created the gallery view system for images - click on any image on the site to view a full resolution version of it, and browse by images, if an image intrests you, they will always link back to their respective article. this can be a chronological way of viewing the site, instead of the current one - whcih is sorted by genre.
4/6/2021 - 2 - created the "wiki" system on the site. added teh first section (writings) as well as the first piece of content within this category (a film review).
4/6/2021 - rework of website has begun - more of a site to collect and document projects
2/7/2020 - decided to revise the "index" main page thingy of my site!! took away a lot of typos and changed up some oraganization stuffs